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The Right Ways To Approach Biology

by Mar 7, 2016Biology

The Right Ways To Approach Biology

It’s a universal fact that there is no replacement of hard work in any field of life. But wise are students who know where and how to put an effort. Let me share an interesting incident with you. It was during the last academic year that I observed that my classmate Robin who is a happy go lucky guy, and is seldom seen with a book. On a contrary, you can find me sitting with book almost all the time, and obtaining the same marks as Robin does. A reason behind this pricked me, and I approached him for clarification. He cited a very wise analogy in this context. In villages to draw water from wells, one has to apply pull in the downward direction. Pulling in the upward direction increases effort and reduces result. This is quite similar to efforts put by a student in his or her academics. To get desired results your hard works needs to be channelized in the correct direction.

Biology is such a subject which has always been known to drive the students crazy with its nightmare like lessons. So, in the following comprehension you shall be exposed to few of the apt approaches to study biology:

  • Visualise And Learn

Although biology sometimes ends up testing your patience. A fact remains unaltered that is a colourful science. Obviously because it deals with life – both flora and fauna. So, when you study the plant cell or the animal cell sit with its colourful diagrams. Closely examine a structure, the folds, hence you shall yourself find out the function of the cell organelle. For instance take up mitochondria. A folded structure, presence of the granular ribosome’s, itself shall write in your memory that mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. And this again shall justify the fact why it is found more in number in animal cell than in plant cell.

  • Look Around You To Learn

Science subjects are better understood when studied practically than in books. Biology is no exception to it. When you read about some flora or fauna or microorganism for that matter. Ensure that you seem that living thing by yourself. Suppose you are studying about vertebrates, fishes in particular. A various varieties of fish species, its nutrition, and its various adaptations and so on can be well comprehended when you look at watch them yourself. This can be possible by visiting a zoo. I have had a very memorable study tour to the zoo from our college. The experience was worth it, because I founded it quite easy to memorise the characteristics of the animals, and many more. I was so inspired after it that I have even done case study on selected species.

  • Spend More Time In Laboratory Than In Your Study Table

It has been already stated that biology is a practical science. So, following the regime-experiment, observation, and drawing inference shall do more good to you than memorising the huge paragraphs of your text books. Perform the experiments properly, and note down each every observations made by you. Draw inference for the observation. While concluding facts you must consult your subject’s text books. This way you learn the various phenomenon and also the reasons behind certain happening. In this approach you may also be exposed to various problems related to some of the topics as well. Let us say for instance what happens if the rate of transpiration increases. Try devising solutions of these problems all by yourself. If required take suggestions from your teachers.

  • Explore The Internet

It is a universal truth that the internet is a vault full wealth. Here the wealth is in the form of knowledge. I make the best of it and think that is indeed a wise choice. There are many websites that offer biology assignment assistance. They are truly reliable. With this mode of study you shall receive updated facts. Sometimes it is very important to travel that extra mile to get your lessons done thoroughly. And internet is the sole help in that situation. We can also discover research papers of a number of great scientists, and infer ideas from there. With these you get to know the subject better.

Have you ever travelled around the various aspects of e learning? If you have you must agree that there is so much of fun, accompanied with effective learning. Once you come across it, you are sure to stick to it as bee sticks to honey.

  • Learn Through Assignments And Projects

I agree with your grievance that assignments and projects are sometimes a big headache. But there is positive side to these boring course works. By giving assignments or projects the professors are basically putting us in a transition state from being a student to being a professional or a researcher. A classroom to field technique helps in bringing out the intellectual and analytical ability of the students. So seize the opportunity and make the best of it. Yes the next question is obviously- how?

Before beginning with your project, do sufficient amount of research work. Like study comprehensively the theoretical part. Go through the experimental section judiciously. And then find out the application of these specifics in day to day life. And then do not forget prepare a detailed project report. This way, at the end of the day, you will find yourself learning up the chapters of biology methodically. The best part is that you shall soon discover yourself falling in love with the subject. Doesn’t it justify the fact that biology is certainly a colourful subject?

Having tried out these approaches to study biology, you can find that your efforts are reflected in your academic results. Moreover, you shall see yourself as a prodigy in this arena. You shall not just be well knowledgeable in the several concepts of this branch of science, but also a turn out to be an ardent lover nature. This happens mainly because of your intimate association flora and fauna, which is in fact a perk.