The Respiratory System Assignment Answers

The Respiratory System Assignment Answers for Students Looking for Solutions

The Respiratory system is the fundamental of all things living! Its only when we breathe we survive, it is only when we breathe that we are able to convert enzymes into energy, and it is only when we breathe that the heart is able to pump blood.

The Organs of Respiratory System

The Respiratory System has the following Organs:

  • The Airway: the mouth, nose, pharynx, trachea, larynx and bronchi
  • The Lungs and the
  • The Muscles

It is eventually the heart, which triggers the entire mechanism and pumps blood after utilizing the Oxygen received.

The Respiratory System Assignment Answers

As the study of Physiology escalates and becomes more complex, it is obvious that students often struggle with the Respiratory System homework answers.

The Respiratory System-Basics

Air enters the body via nose. This air gets filtered, and travels inside the body via windpipe. Upon travelling, Alveoli Sacs present inside the lungs enable the lungs to differentiate and absorb gases like Oxygen and Carbon dioxide.

The Respiratory system is easy to understand in itself however the challenge lies in studying its relationship with other systems and organs.

If the extent of Oxygen is more, then the changes are obvious in the body, and vice versa.

A lot of diseases stem up due to a problem with respiratory process like Asthma, blood pressure fluctuations, Influenza and Tuberculosis being few of them.

The Respiratory System assignment answers are sought because every process is interdependent and students have to learn every functional system within the body to understand the root cause.

Few Facts about Respiratory System

Respiratory system has a lot of interesting facts associated with it.

  1. Respiration leads to loss of water
  2. It is possible to hold the breath for more than twenty minutes
  3. Only organs capable of floating in water are lungs
  4. Cold is a virus party of more than one hundred types of viruses
  5. The chest movement is not because of breathing in and breathing out. It is because of contraction and expansion of diaphragm.

The Respiratory System & Your Assignments

It is necessary to understand the nuances of the Respiratory system as it forms the basis of existence. The Respiratory System homework answers will always ensure that you delve deeper and engage with the subject at an elementary level.

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