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The Relevance of Electrical Engineering in the Core Engineering Sectors Discussed Here

by Mar 26, 2019Electrical Engineering0 comments

Electrical engineering is that branch of engineering that deals in the studying of different usages of electricity. The different appliances that make use of such electrical powers, are also discussed here. In the engineering field, different kinds of transmissions as well as generation of electrical power is studied.

Different sectors of employment

For the different electrical engineers, employment can be found in sectors such as telecommunications as well as various consumer electronics companies. Different boards of electricity as well as power generating sectors employ these engineers.

Even manufacturing sectors along with government sectors such as defense as well as railways employ electrical engineers.

Nowadays, the It sectors employ all kinds of engineers. Here the engineers can work on development of software as well as look for ERP solutions. If you do not wish to work in any company, then you can simply join research laboratories and other similar institutes.

Different tools used here

The radars are one of the many projects that is done by the electrical engineers. Different radar antennas, placed inside dome shaped shells known as radomes. Engineers, need to have a solid knowledge of physics as well as mathematics. This kind of knowledge, helps in providing different descriptions about how these processes work. Engineering work always involve making use of the computers. Different computer based programs are therefore also used for designing of the electrical systems.

Knowledge of circuits

All electrical engineers are expected to have a good knowledge of circuit theory. Circuit theory, can be referred to as different interactions taking place between capacitators, diodes as well as transistors. There are other theories studied by engineers too which are more specific to their work.

For people working on microelectronics, use of quantum mechanics as well as solid state physics, is very much required. Therefore, those engineers have a sound knowledge about these things. Computer literacy as well as very strong numerical skills is something very much emphasized for the different engineers. Therefore, this kind of engineering still has many takers among people looking forward to core engineering.

Non engineering skills

For many engineers graduating recently, the technical knowledge often accounts for only a fraction of their daily work. A lot of time is spent in meeting clients as well as preparing budgets and reports for them. These engineers also over see that projects are completed on time.

Therefore, with the help of these extra skills, engineers, are in much demand. When you become a senior engineer, you will be managing a team of technicians and that is the reason why project management skills are acquired by these people. For production of work related documents, strong written communication skills are acquired by the engineers.


The different environments in which the engineers work, varies to a large extent. This is because they often do a variety of work too. These people may be working in a very spic and span laboratory or in a not so attractive looking plant or mine. The engineers have to supervise a large number of people at a time. People like scientists as well as electricians as well as programmers often work under the engineers.

You will therefore find electrical engineers are very much into the core sectors of engineering. An electrical engineer may focus on one or more disciplines at a time.

Engineering in power sectors

Electrical engineers working in the power sector projects, often deal with generation as well as distribution of electricity. Not only are this, designing new transformers as well as electrical motors also done by people from this sector. Governments of countries often maintain power grids.

These are electrical networks which connect electric generators to the homes of electricity consumers. Power engineers, often work together to maintain such huge grids. These engineers may also work on power systems which are off grid. This is because on grid systems may not work well in some areas. Electrical engineers are very much relevant till this date because they have a knowledge of whether grids draw power, supply power or do both.

Dynamics of control engineering

Control engineering would be focusing on creating models of different controller systems and making them behave as it is desired. In order to make such systems, electrical engineers are often known to make use of circuits as well as signal processors. There are loads of applications of control systems. Right from flight system as well as propulsion system to modern day cruise control seen in different cars. This kind of wide variety of knowledge is what makes electrical engineers quite indispensable in current times. Feedback is often utilized by engineers on course of their designing.

Dealing with electronics

Designing as well as testing of different circuits is what is done by electrical engineers specializing in electronics. When a circuit has been tuned, a particular radio user can listen to a radio station of his or her choice and screen out the rest of them. With commercialization of radios, a lot of interest has been generated in this area. Televisions as well as computers have also been included under this. Electrical engineers are known to bring a lot of innovation in this sector.

Studying of signals

Signaling processes, deal with analysis of signals as well as basically knowing whether they are digital or analog. To put it bluntly, an analog signal would vary continuously in accordance to information that it carries. A digital signal varies in accordance to discrete values which represent that information. Amplification of these signals are often required for different audio devices as well as for carrying out telecommunication. Electrical engineers skilled in these things readily find employment in core divisions of engineering.

As A Core Field, Electrical Engineering Is Still Relevant – Know Why

Generally Speaking

Electrical engineering as a field of engineering that has always been one of the most sought after fields of career choice. In recent times, it has seen a bit of decline mainly due to the fact that computer engineering has been on the rise. Despite that, it is still a widely popular choice and something a lot of students still pursue.

But as mentioned before, it has fallen off a bit in terms of popularity. A few decades ago, electrical engineering is to be the only way to do your engineering besides mechanical. The degree of competition in getting into the best engineering colleges used to be so high, even toppers from prestigious schools would occasionally miss out on their chance.

The thing is, the use of computers and technology has risen so much in recent times, there is just no way to overtake it at the moment. It is important to train people who are tech savvy and efficient in their department. As such, the value of computer science engineering has increased twofold in recent years.

However, all of that being said, it’s not as if it has replaced electrical engineering completely. It’s just that electrical is not the number one anymore. But it is still mandatory and very much relevant in today’s times. If you love this subject and want to pursue a career in it, feel free to do so. If you feel unconvinced, here are some things that may convince you otherwise.

  1. Prospects of Graduation

Electrical engineers have their field of practice in every line of work. You won’t go too far in any industry without having the need for one. As such, right off the bat, when you graduate there should be a huge amount of options available for you. Even if you cannot get a job straight away, you will find plenty of internships and similar offers to it.

Do keep in mind that all of this is assuming you have graduated from a decent college to begin with. While the same applies for mediocre colleges to an extent, the low tier ones do not usually see such a high level of prosperity. If you can graduate from one of the high end ones, there is nothing you need to worry about since a job is bound to come your way.

  1. Starting Salaries

Another great thing about this field is that your starting salary package will be really impressive, especially in comparison to the other fields. Obviously, there is a lot of variance involved and these figures will differ from company to company and also depending on the post they want to hire you for. But on average, the high salary package argument does prove to be true.

Even if you do not manage to land one of the top dogs in the industry, you are still bound to land a pretty decent starting salary. This is the main benefit of this career line. There are opportunities everywhere and some good amount of skill is necessary to fulfil that opportunity. So if you can push yourself towards that kind of skill level, you will definitely feel the difference.

  1. Worldwide Scopes

Perhaps the best aspect of this career path is that the opportunities that you will be getting come from all over the world. You won’t be confined to a single place of work unless you want that for yourself. This is especially true at the top colleges where offers come from other countries as well. If you ever get such an opportunity, make sure that you take it with open arms. Not everyone does.

Even if you do not get something global, at the very least, you can be expecting to move away from your home state/district for sure. This comes due to the nature of the work itself. If you are someone who loves travelling, there should be no reason why you cannot appreciate an opportunity like this. In fact, if you are of this nature, you would rather enjoy it.

  1. Helping People

The reason why it is considered a core subject to begin with is because of the fact that it is practically present everywhere. Its application is such that you are bound to need some knowledge in electrical engineering to do something of importance. As a result, if you are good at it, you would actually be doing a ton of service to a variety of different people.

Electrical systems exist everywhere and in every field of work. Be it the smartphones that you use every day, or the TV that you watch all night long, even in medical equipment, you will find that electrical engineering has a role to play everywhere.

If this becomes something of a passion for you, you can go even beyond. There are so many ways to benefit society by simply making something new. Getting the job is only a part of that experience. Consider yourself a problems solver before anything else and you will enjoy your work a whole lot more. Hell, just start off by fixing some broken equipment in your home and see the joy it brings to everyone!

The Verdict

As you can clearly see, the scope for electrical engineering is pretty high in every kind of industry. If this is the line of your choice, then it is a good one. You will definitely need to work hard but if you can manage it, your career is in a good direction. This is even truer if this is something you see as a passion. Fact is, electrical engineering as a career option will never go away irrespective of what new things come along.

Author Bio:

Brian Evans is a sought after professor as well as author having graduated from Pennsylvania College. He has many years of experience in the electrical engineering sector.  He explains the different mechanisms associated with electronic machines in a sharp as well as authentic manner. You can also find information about cutting edge research from this man having vast knowledge about electronics.