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Handling people and their aspirations is a tough task. By tough I mean, perplexing, confusing and contradictory.

Why do I say so?

The world is evolving with a rate which cannot be measured. New brands, new products and new strategies are coming up every single minute. Buying books online was a rage few years ago, and now, people are back to buying books from a bricks and mortar store.

What is the New Retail Environment?

The new Retail Environment is challenging everything which was old school and convenient. There are many new concepts now and many new ways to manage the customer.

  1. It is all about differentiating between purpose & luxury. The old retail environment said ’if you want something, we have it’. The new punchline is ‘see what all you can buy.’ In a nutshell, it creates a need in the minds of the customer. By displaying many brands for the same product and many variants of the same service, customer is being enticed to see what all he can buy, instead of what he should buy.
  1. Customers also prefer convenience. So, when they go out to buy something, it is not just about shopping. It is about the ease of parking their vehicle, some snacks to munch on while shopping, and a decent and pleasant environment which encourages them to spend more time within the walls of the Retail outlet.
  1. The Online Threat. Bricks & Mortar outlets are facing danger from online giants like Amazon &eBay, and hence are forced to offer major discount to shoppers. They have even come up with innovative concepts like free home delivery and cash back offers.

Managing the New Retail Environment

 Let us face it. We cannot kill this competition.

The next best thing to do is to up the game. Researches and marketing gurus have come up with innovative ways to meet and curb these challenges. Most of the tricks are taught in most of the B-schools. A few more can be learnt by studying proactively.

Keep an eye on how the markets function, and how teams come up with successful strategies to counter the competition.

The New Retail Environment Homework Help

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