What You Should Know About the Nervous System and the Senses?

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Understand the concept of nervous system

The nervous system is a difficult part of the human body and it consists of complex collection of nerves and when it contains any specialized cells which is known as neurons that can easily transmit any signal that may occur in different parts of body. While studying the subject you will get to know that nervous system comes with two important components:

  1. The central nervous system
  2. Peripheral nervous system

The nervous system and the senses homework help will make you aware that central nervous system is made of spinal cord, nerves and brain. The peripheral nervous system contains ganglia, sensory neurons and nerves which get connected with one another and also to central nervous system.

Subdivision of nervous system

The nervous system and the senses assignment help takes initiative to teach you about two main subdivisions of nervous system:

  1. The somatic or voluntary component
  2. Autonomic or involuntary component

The autonomic system has the ability to regulate different body processes that may include blood pressure and also rate of breathing. The somatic system contains nerves that finally get connected with brain and spinal cord.

Functions of five senses

Eyes enable us to see and through eyes we have the ability to judge depth and identify colors and then interpret new information.

Noses help in smelling scents and the particles that travel through air helps to identify any dangerous chemicals. Smell can create strongest connection to memory.

Ears allow hearing and listening to sounds. The nervous system and the senses homework help make you aware that through ear you can detect vibrations available in air particles. The inner ear maintains balances and finally regulates sinus pressure.

Tongues enable to taste food and figure out what is useful to bodies. They can also allow us to sense hot and cold in liquids and food.

Skin is the final sense organ that is responsible to perform different functions:

  • Perspiration
  • Sensing
  • Protection

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