The McGraw-Hill Companies

The McGraw-Hill Companies

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The McGraw-Hill companies are an e-Learning way of engaging students with helpful contents. The equipment can easily be set up with blackboard in providing great results. There help to assign homework and also provides a place to practice problems. The students can also assess their progress with its help. The software enables a student to evaluate their textbooks and homework at anytime and anywhere on their own.

How it helpsthe instructors?

According to instructors, the McGraw-Hill companies make them easily manage the classroom.  It’s user-friendly and easily understandable features make it the best platforms for both students and educators. Its ability to work on various platforms is an added advantage in addition to its usability. The instructors may also easily post their lectures for students. They find it a great workplace for tutoring a bunch of students. Instructors may also provide useful information and study equipment to students in a better way.

How does it function?

The McGraw-Hill companies perform various functions to provide effective learning facilities to students and educators. Some of their best features are-

  • Walk through videos can be played on it to make students understand things in a better way. The step by step methods showed virtually increases its significance among students.
  • It has a quick start guide enables students to set up the orientation on their own without the need of others assistance.
  • The user interface currently installed has a modernized vibe to it that does the job of establishing effective communication medium perfectly.
  • It provides different course level for teachers to analyze the progress of students and grade them properly.

Although the McGraw-Hill companies do a fair job in providing best solutions and effective service with student’s education, still there are some areas of major concern where it lacks a bit.

The problem area-

  • The assistance is a bit pricey for each student to avail them. Many students do not want to pay a hefty price making it a breaking point for them
  • The option of customized assessment has limited usage. Diverse learn smart option is not applicable to a single level.
  • The software consumes more time than what it should while setting up the process. The need of setting up an account for a new teacher is also a point of issue for many.
  • It does not build any link with other learning management systems. The ability to connect various learning management systems with one system is used while teaching.
  • Lack of option for personalized quizzes is also troublesome for students as not all of them require the details that it brings along.

With every boon, few flaws are bound to occur. However, those flaws can be eliminated by the correct usage of some other mediums of help. One such online portal that provides efficient guidance in problems with the McGraw-Hill companies is

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