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The law of diminishing marginal returns says that whenever a new group of employees is appointed in a firm, the marginal product of another worker reduces. this is in comparison to the marginal product of the existing employee at the same point in time. This forms a relevant part of economics and requires a lot of attention from the student’s side to inculcate its features. They even get the law of diminishing marginal returns homework help if they feel it will help them perform better.

This law of economics has immense application in the professional sectors. It is employed by organizations to monitor the fluctuation of the salary of their employees. It also suggests appropriate times when the company needs new workers to improve productivity. Hence,the law of diminishing marginal returns plays a significant role in conducting day-to-day business.

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  1. Law of diminishing marginal returns can be regarded by different names like the law of the variable proportions, the law of the diminishing returns and so on.
  2. This law allows the introduction of larger input functions that have the ability to enhance productivity with all the other functions being kept constant.
  3. Under all circumstances, this will result in low incremental returns per unit.
  4. But this law definitely does not offer negative returns.

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