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IS-LM model at a glance
IS-LM model is one of the main tools of macroeconomics policy analysis. This model explains how the investors make decisions regarding investments with the available money and the interest that they will receive on it. When the amount invested equals the amount available to invest it is known as equilibrium.  IS-LM model studies the impact of real interest rate on planned investment. In the short run, when the price level is fixed, this model explains how the national income changes. This also studies the changes in aggregate demand curve.

So we can see the IS and LM has two variables, income and the rate of interest. These two are together determined at the point of intersection of two curves. Thus, we can conclude as this model is based on:

  • The investment and demand function.
  • The amount of money.
  • The money and demand function.
  • Consumption function.

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