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Since most of the studies in micro economies resolute around the need for a product, the central idea of microeconomics gives a detailed insight of personal demand. The aggregate demand of a firm depends on the various parameters like market size, market type, product variety and lots more.

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Basic idea of demand curve

The demand curve of a good represents the various amount of quantity demanded at a certain period of time at different cost of the product while holding everything else constant. The curve is negatively sloped, indicating that price and quantity are inversely related.

Factors that affect demand curve

There are lots of factors that affect the shape, slope, and construction of a demand curve. Below are some of the key parameters that can make swing or shift in the curve that represents demand of a particular commodity.

Market Structure

At one end there exist the monopolists, and at the other end, perfect competition, where there are a large number of manufacturers producing a homogeneous product. In perfect competition, each firm is a price taker, unlike the monopolist who is a price maker thanks to the product exclusivity factor.Owing to this large variety in the market without the individual demand curve assignment help it is hard to understand the whole picture.

Type of Commodity

There are some goods, which are purchased in fewer amounts as income rises- for example, perishable goods like food grains. On the other hand in case of luxury goods, demand tends to increase with the growth in income. Thus the peculiarity in micro level is difficult to see and here comes the role of the individual demand curve homework help.

Cost of Product

Although we try to establish an inverse relationship between price and demand, the other side of the coin shows a different picture in that, as the income levels of a consumer are on an increasing trend, her or his purchasing power increases leading to rising in aggregate demand.

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