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Let’s take a look at what macroeconomics is with differences in its sectors:
What is Macroeconomics?
It is the study of how every households and firm take up decisions and how these decisions do have an effect on overall market trends and in economic growth. It explains an average of entire economy along with factors like national income and its average output, a total of consumptions, investments and savings. It also looks at total employment rates and an average of requirement and contribution of services and goods keeping price levels in hand.
What is The Government, Rest of the World and the financial markets?
Let’s take a little time to understand what our The Government, Rest of the World and the financial markets Assignment Help team explains all these sectors.

In circular flow, there is five sector circular flow model that is a more practical representation of an economy. It does settle down with all kinds of six assumptions that are there in a circular flow. There are additional three more sectors here –

1.    Financial Sector.
2.    Rest of the world sector.
3.    Governmental sector.

All these are interlinked with injections and leakages. For all these sectors there is savings, imports and taxes under leakages and has investments, exports and government spending under injections.

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