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Finance is one the most interesting topic in management and is also scoring from examination point of view but as we know studying finance becomes complex as it involves a lot of business topics and many assignments in which students face problem. Thus, they have to take the help of the financial markets homework help to complete their work.

Financial market is a term describing any marketplace in which people trade financial securities, commodities, value at low transaction cost and deal with demand or supply and trading of securities involving bonds, equities, currencies, etc takes place. Market is a combination of buyers and sellers of a certain goods or services and the dealing or exchange which occurs between them.

Types of Financial markets

  • Capital market:

It involves two types of market where buying and selling of debt and equity instruments take place. Assignments are given to the students depending on the types of market and related topic to it which are tough for them to complete. The financial markets homework help assist us to complete our work on time.

  1. a) Stock market: it is the market that able investors to buy and sell shares of different companies. It provides financing by issuing of the shares or common stocks and any subsequent merchandising of stock securities take place in the secondary market.
  2. b) Bond market: it provides finances through the issuance of the bonds and enables the subsequent trading. It is kind of security through which an investor loans money for specific period of time at rate of interest. Bonds can be released by different corporations, municipalities, states and federal governments from different area of the world.


  • Money market:

this kind of market provides short term debt financing or investment and also deals with the highly liquid and short term maturities. It believes in borrowing and lending of securities for short period of time such as less than one year.

  • Derivates market:

this market provides instruments for management of financial risk and it trades with the securities that deduct its value from its fundamental assets. This type of market includes forward contracts, futures, options, swaps and contract for difference.

  • Future market:

this market provides standardised forward contracts for trading products at some future date and in these currencies are traded.

  • Inter bank lending market:

this market is divided into primary markets and secondary markets where newly issued markets securities are sold in primary market and in the secondary market all the investors buy or sell existing securities. The financial markets assignment help experts have the option for you to get a better idea on how things work.

 Functions of financial markets:

  • Intermediary functions:

Those function which helps in negotiation between two parties are called intermediary functions.

  1. a) Transfer of resources: financial markets alleviates the transfer of real economic resources from lenders to the ultimate borrowers
  2. b) Increase of income: financial markets permits loaner to earn interest on their excess invisible funds and also allow them to contribute towards the improvement of the individual and national income.
  3. c) Generative usage: the financial markets allow for the productive use of the borrowed funds and also lead to the enhancement of the gross national production.
  4. d) Capital formation: market renders a channel by the use of which new savings flow to aid capital formation of a country
  5. e) Price determination: it helps in the determining the price of any merchandised financial assets by interacting with the buyers and sellers. The financial market also offers a sign for the allocation of funds in the economy based on the demand.
  6. f) Sales mechanism: the financial market provides the mechanism for Selling and buying of a financial asset through an investor to provide the benefit of liquidity and marketability.
  • Financial functions:

Those function which helps in providing the borrower with the funds to enable them to carry out various investment plans.

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