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Classification of Special Markets:

Commonly, as economists have divided there are three distinctive types of market, based on which the world economy faces the acid test.

  • Monopoly Market:

According to the economics of special markets assignment help team, in a monopolistic marketplace imperfect competitions can be seen. As all power of the market is concentrated in an organisation’s hand, no rivalry can be seen. This particular firm fixes price of the product or the services it sells.

  • Oligopoly Market:

This type of market is controlled by a limited number of companies together. There is no entry and exit point for the organisations. Unanimously these organisations decide the price of the product or the service they offer. Duopoly, as according to the economics of special markets homework help service experts, is another distinctive type of market where only two organisations run their business.

  • Perfect Competition Market:

In a perfect competition market there are several companies run their business together and target the same customers. Entry and exit points in this market are open. Price of the product or service is decided by competition.

Apart from these, there are some different types of markets like Oligopsony, Monopsony and others. Our experts of the economics of special markets assignment help team know every inch of these markets in details. They can assist you in gathering more knowledge in this matter as well.

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