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Cost of equity is indeed a complicated topic to deal with.  Calculation based problems on cost of equity is a tad bit difficult to solve. Unfortunately, it is an integral part of the Cost capital which again constitutes a big part of corporate finance and cannot be avoided altogether. What could be the possible solution to finishing off the assignments by removing such obstacles? Well, getting the cost of equity based on historical returns homework help of course. It will allow you a chance to learn about the topic while at the same time removing all the issues to finish off the assignment. caters to such needs of the students. It is an educational portal designed specifically for students to overcome their problems related to all subjects. With assistance from us, you can rest assured that all your assignment problems will be taken care of and resolved amiably.

What is cost of equity based on historical returns about?

It is a known fact that cost of equity is calculated based on the CAPM. Now the CAPM formula comprises of the Beta which is primarily responsible for calculating the risks associated with the investment. The beta is calculated based upon past data. This means that the data that calculates volatility and its relation to the market is calculated on the basis of the returns. The returns data is collected from a period of one week ranging to even five years.

This puts forward the question as to how can it be beneficial as it is completely based on historical data. Moreover, the beta is extreme sensitive, so any shift in the time period will result in significant changes. SO, how can such a method of calculation be reliable?

The only solution to such a problem as per the cost of equity based on historical returns assignment help is to plug in predictions of future risks into the beta formula. This makes the calculations more reliable and helps to predict risks ably.

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