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Understand the chemical basis of life

Living organism only make use of small fraction of chemical elements so that biological functionality is possible. The chemical basis of life assignment help will make you knowledgeable about the six elements that are available in living organism. Around 99% of matter is filled with different elements which include:

  1. Hydrogen
  2. Oxygen
  3. Calcium
  4. Carbon
  5. Phosphorous
  6. Nitrogen

There are also other five elements which is encountered in bodies and found in small amounts such as sulfur, sodium, potassium, magnesium and chlorine. Finally, there are other 14 elements that are known as “trace” elements and living organisms are in need of it in minute quantities.

What is atom and ions?

The chemical basis of life homework help is ready to offer you with information that can help in gaining deep insight on topic. An atom is known to be a fundamental unit that contains chemical matter. It is an atom that would contain nucleus and have positively charged protons and uncharged neutrons. Atoms of similar elements surely differ in their number of neutrons which is further known as isotopes.

Ions are known to be charged species that may happen due to gain or loss of electrons from any neutral atom. There are some atoms which can easily lose electrons and other atoms can gain electrons.

Chemical bonds of atoms

While dealing with the chemical basis of life assignment help you will get to know that atoms of compound are together and they are attached by chemical bonds. Chemical bonds are formed when the atoms share their electrons. You will get to know about varied types of chemical bonds and can vary strongly depending on atoms of compound. There are two strong types of bonds such as covalent and ionic bonds.

  1. Covalent bonds: There is the chemical basis of life homework help which is found at reasonable rate. We make sure that you become aware of covalent bonds form that comes up with atoms that come with little difference in electro-negativity. Electro-negativity is known to be the power of any atom which can easily attract any electrons towards it.
  2. Ionic bonds: commakes you aware of different forms that may occur between atoms so that significant difference is encountered that occurs in electro-negativity.

The chemical basis of life assignment help will ensure that you gain confidence on the topic. Through our learned experts you will get the opportunity to understand any topic deeply which is necessary to build up a bright career. With in-depth knowledge and detailed understanding you become eligible to handle exam paper easily.

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