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Do you need help to complete your biology project on cardiovascular system? Well, regardless to mention that this system keeps you alive. Hence, as a student of biology, it is a must that you understand how heart, one of the two most essential elements of this cardiovascular system works. Running out of time? At, we offer The Cardiovascular System: The Heart assignment help services for students. We help you to complete your project on time.

Understand the heart:

The heart is a muscular pumping organ of body that helps in pumping blood and circulating it throughout the body, to every organ, tissue and cell. Though it requires assistance of circulatory system or blood vessels, its task of pumping is purely done by heart. The Cardiovascular System: The Heart homework help services that we offer, always discusses in details about –

  • Size
  • Position
  • Anatomy
  • Heart beats.

Pericardium and the wall of heart:

Heart sits in a pericardial cavity and is lined by pericardium membrane. The wall of heart has 3 layers –

  1. Epicardium: It is the outermost layer that keeps the heart lubricated and prevents from friction.
  2. Myocardium: It is the thickest layer of heart wall and this conducts the task of pumping.
  3. Endocardium: This is the thinnest layer that is very smooth and thus, ensures that no blood clots are formed by preventing blood from sticking to the walls.

The Cardiovascular System: The Heart assignment help services that we offer at, clearly discuss these structural factors in details.

Chambers of heart:

There are 4 chambers in the heart.

  • Two atria: These two atria are connected to veins that carry blood to heart and therefore, are the blood receiving chambers.
  • Two ventricles: These are connected to arteries and blood from these two chambers is taken away from heart.

This process is done in two circulatory systems – pulmonary and systemic circulation. The Cardiovascular System: The Heart homework help services that we offer, clearly discuss these circulatory systems and how heart takes part in these systems.

Valves of heart:

  1. Tricuspid valve: Lets blood flow from right atrium to right ventricle.
  2. Pulmonary valve: Lets blood flow into pulmonary arteries from right ventricles, so that blood can be reached to lungs for picking oxygen.
  3. Mitral valve: Oxygen rich blood that is received from lungs passes into left ventricle from left atrium.
  4. Aortic valve: Lets oxygen rich blood transfer into aorta from left ventricle.

The Cardiovascular System: The Heart assignment help services from our company help students in going through the structure and function of heart easily.

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