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If you are having Microeconomics as one of the subjects in your academic discipline, then you will surely study about the concept of budget line. This is an important topic, and you may get confused with its tricky aspects. In order to get complete mastery over this topic, it is highly suggested that you should opt for the budget line homework help on time.

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What is the concept of the budget line all about?

Budget line is actually a graphical representation of the multiple combinations of any two chosen products that a consumer can buy at the prevailing market prices and based on the income level of the individual.  In general, scenario when two products are taken for evaluation purpose then x axis is used for denoting the amounts associated with first product and the y axis is used for denoting the amounts associated with the second product.

On the budget line, the cost of each combination will be equivalent to the income level of the individual.So, in reality, the budget line is a very easy way of depicting a locus that represents all the combinations of two goods that a consumer can have with his or her given income.

There is a lot of theory, derivations, numerical questions and graphical analysis in this topic that may leave you in a state of confusion. So you should definitely go for the budget line homework help.

Some important observations about budget line

When you will go through the concept of budget line in detail, then you will analyze the following aspects to be absolutely true-

  • The budget line will be downward sloping because more and more units of one good can be purchased only if the consumer is willing to decrease the units of other good. This is because the income of the consumer is limited.
  • Those bundles whose total cost is same as the total income of the consumer will lie on the budget line.
  • Those bundles whose total cost is less than the total income of consumer will lie inside the budget line. It is a case of under spending.
  • Those bundles whose total cost is more than the total income of consumer will lie outside the budget line. Such bundles are not available to the consumer because of his or her income constraint.

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