The Best Apps for College Students Windows

The fight between windows and android has been going on for some time and many people swear by an android smartphone because of the free availability of the apps. However, Microsoft has caught up with this game too and has almost most of its apps available for free on all platforms. And these include the apps that are necessary to survive through college. These apps for college students windows are effectively helpful with your study programme and schedule and help ease the stress out of your life.
It is necessary that to survive through college that you have the necessary tools along with your books and your programme information and that does not only include social networking sites or IM’ing applications. To survive through it, you need to be equipped with the best apps if you have a windows phone, or even a tablet, or a laptop that will help organize your college life better and combat any class or assignment challenges. Thus, it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge about these apps to combat these troubles and make your life easier and better organized.
The 10 best apps for college studentswindows

  1. Wunderlist

This is one of the apps for college students windows which are bound to save many lives. It is basically a to-do list which you can create and edit according to your requirements. You can create any kind of to do lists for classes, for completing assignments, or for group projects and even to do basic chores. Moreover, you can share these lists with multiple people that make group projects a less of a hassle to manage and delegate. Also, it is compatible almost all devise thus, allowing you to sync anytime that you want.

  1. Kindle

Carrying around books through college and to classrooms can be a pretty dominating factor as some of them are of considerable size and weight. Why do that when you can have the text right within the palm of your hands? With the kindle app, you can search and read any book that you want by just tapping on to the screen a few times. You can install it on your laptop, tablet and even on your phone. Moreover, the app allows you to highlight the parts that you deem to be important or your professor asks you to. You can even take down notes on the side and even share it with others.

  1. Google Docs

Google Docs is another one of those apps for college students windows which you should necessarily have. You can save your documents, edit them or even send them from the cloud storage whenever you want to. For those who do not want to purchase the office pack, this is a useful app. Moreover, you can make changes to your documents, or slides or sheets even offline, whenever you want to and even save those changes. It is useful for students who are working for the college newspaper or even to complete assignments on the go.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a secure app where you can store all your files and never lose them. This app is useful for students who always forget to submit their assignments or carry them to the class. All you need to do is open your account in dropbox and just email the link to the professor from any device. This app can store any kind of file be it jpg, videos or documents. It also allows you to edit a presentation together. So for the group presentation next time, use dropbox and stop doing all the work alone.

  1. Mint

When staying in college one thing you have to constantly worry about is running out of cash. You spend here a little and there a bit and suddenly by the middle of the month you are broke. Thus, to combat with such a situation the Mint app has been created to keep a track of the money that you keep on spending and reduce the expenditure. It puts all your account information into one place and helps you to keep a track of your finances and your budget. Thus, for survival, this is one of the must have apps for college students windows.

  1. SumatraPDF

With the advent of the electronic age, most professors send PDF files to the students for reference. Thus, there are a lot of PDF files that you have to go through when in college. Thus, it is necessary to have an app to read these files and SumatraPDF is just the right one. It does not consume much space and works efficiently like other PDF readers. Also, it is available for free.

  1. Evernote

This is one useful app and is also listed under The 10 best apps for college students android. It allows you to take down everything that a lecturer says and allows you to organize those notes efficiently. You can also share them with other people if required. Moreover, it is available on all platforms and is thus, easier to sync. These notes can be in the form of written text, images, and voiced memos. Moreover, they can be edited and sorted anytime you want and is thus one for the necessary apps for college students windows.

  1. iStudiez Pro

This is one effective app for college students who always want to be informed about their current situation. This app allows you to organise and plan and keep a track of everything from social events to right down to your GPA to help you understand your position better and to tackle life in a better manner.

  1. Libreoffice

LibreOffice is an alternative to Google Docs for those students who do not like to use it. Also, it is useful for those who want more editing options as under Google Docs the options are limited.

  1. Mendeley

It is an app which allows you to keep a track of your research data and all the PDF files that are associated with allows you to quote son spot and cite different texts.
Thus, these apps for college students windows are the essential time savers that every student needs to survive college. While some of them are free, there is a few which you need to buy to download at a nominal rate. So go ahead and download now and survive this phase like pro!

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