The Benefits of Debt Homework Help

The Benefits of Debt Assignment Help

Here are the Certain Advantages of Debt Finance

Debt finance is the money that a company borrows and then returns it back with interest within a given time. Some of the best examples of debt finance are overdrafts, mortgages, credit cards and equipment lease.

It has been observed that there is only a very small percentage of businesses which actually receive equity financing.So all the other companies borrow money from different financial institutions. So, debt is definitely the best financing option available. The biggest advantage of this type of financing is that it is very easily accessible.

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Debt Financing advantages

  • You are able to retain ownership

The biggest advantage of debt financing is that it helps you to retain company ownership. Here in order to get the money you have to give your company stake. In this type of financing, you might have to, at best use machinery or any liquid account or a property as collateral.

Ownership of this collateral remains with you unless and until you are unable to pay back the loan.Only in a circumstance where you are not able to pay back your loan, you might have to lose ownership of your property.

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  • Debt financing helps management to have full control

If you have ownership of a company, then you will be able to take major decisions regarding the future of this company. In case of equity financing, you have to give up some part of your own which is definitely not the case with debt financing. In this type of financing, lender has no say regarding any small or big business decisions.

The company simply needs to show the financial statements to the lender because before lending money the lender has to know in details about the cash flow of the company. In order to repay the loan lender simply needs to pay a fixed amount of money within a fixed date.

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