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Do you know what role does supply of products play in market equilibrium? Do you know what the different factors which affect the supply of products are? And how does price shifts supply curve? If these things are still not clear to you, then do not delay! Subscribe to and clarify all the doubts. Though the basics of supply homework help service is extremely popular among the students, our team members are also excellent in explaining this important concept of microeconomics.

Understanding of supply

Supply is a basic concept in economics which gives a description of the total amount of a specific good or service available to buyers. One can relate supply to the amount available at a particular rate or across a range of rates if represented in a graphical form.

Supply is closely related to the demand for goods or services at a particular rate. Quantity to be supplied is directly dependent on the price of a product or service. If the price increases producers start supplying more to earn maximum profits.

To understand the answers that our the basics of supply assignment help experts write, you must have a clear understanding of ‘supply’ basics.

‘Supply’ Basics

Supply is a complicated concept with several mathematical formulas, determinants, and practical applications. Students often need to take the basics of supply homework help to save their time so that they can focus on understanding the basic things.

  1. Supply function and equation

The relationship between supply and the determinants of supply can be expressed in a     mathematical form which is known as a supply function. For example, Qs= f(P; Prg) is a supply function, where P is the price of goods and Prg is the price of a related good.

  • Supply Curve

It indicates a relationship between price and supply curve. The curve which is usually positively sloped describes the relationship between price and quantity supplied.

  • Movement Vs. Shifts

There is a movement in a curve only when there is any modification in quantity supplied due to a change in the good’s price. There is a shift in a supply curve when a change in supply occurs only due to change in non-price determinant.  For instance, if a price of a product rises due to increase in price of raw materials and related goods, the supply curve would shift left.

What is a change in supply?

In economics, change in supply is used to explain a situation when the suppliers of given goods and services alter their production or output. A change in supply is due to new technologies, change in the number of competitors in the market, or an attempt to make production more efficient and cheaper.

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