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Technology is an idea that is intervened into human life in a way we cannot even imagine.Every nationinvests money for growth of technology.Hence, economy of technologyis very important for every nation. This is the reason why economics include calculations regarding technological issues. Such, calculations requires certain concepts of science and of course in depth knowledge of economics. Hence, being a good economist is not everything in such a case. Often students require our technology homework help from us.

Starting from electric lights, fans and geysers toy aeroplanes and rockets, everything is an example of technology.It is evident thatthese pieces of technology require several components which have their own prices.This means that the technology that we see or use, all havetheir costs. In order to use technology wisely or for its development, managing this economics involved in them is necessary. If you are facing problems regarding technological economics, please come to us for technology assignment help. is always with you

Major parts of technologies

Technologies can be broadly classified based on the different fields of scienceworking behind it, viz. Engineering, Chemical and Biotechnology.

  • Engineering involves mostlyfield applications and innovations of physics and electronics. Construction of long flyovers, high ways, fuel efficient cars, huge locomotives, evenour smartphones, laptops, etc. all these are products out of engineering. Relatively, engineering economy can be a bit lowerthan the other technologies. But, if you find difficulties still, then please contact usfor technology homework help.
  • Chemicaltechnologies refer to the innovations in chemistry, e.g. developmentof fertilizers, manures, soil testing facilities, manufactures of soaps and cleansers, etc.
  • Biotechnology and biochemistry are the most expensive researches going on like those of treating cancer, Alzeiherma’s, limb replacements, gene therapies, etc. Managing their economy is both tough and necessary.

Usual problems

Problems are mainly faced by a student of economics while solving such assignments of technological economy because of the deficiency in their knowledge of technology. Most students nowadays are accustomed with technologies at household scale, but they cannot blend technology with economics easily. Remember, economy regarding technologies is a bit rigid. Technology demands bothquality and quantity of its product to be upto the mark which is unalterable. Reducing costs for a particular technology requires more of research than economics. So as a student, your job will not to be to reduce its economical costsbut to put forward the best economic model for a given piece of technology. If you face troubles there, which isvery usual, do not hesitate to get to us online at for technology assignment help.

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