Tackle the Trouble with Kindergarten Homework Ideas

If it takes years for us adults to understand the meaning of responsibility, what can you expect from children? Especially if, the children are from kindergarten! Well, parents have to fight every day to send them the school. So, making them complete their assignment is equivalent to war. Here is need of kindergarten homework ideas.

I see every single mother complaining about the same thing; how do you get the homework done by them? But let us not focus on the how part now. Hence, let us learn why it is hard?

Here we will focus on two sides of the same problem:

  • Parental side
  • Children side

Why is it hard for the parents?

  • Can you recall the last day you sat with a question paper to complete an assignment? No, we have also forgotten how it feels. Hence the chief thing we lack is patience.
  • Parents lack the basic approach. With matured brain, you seek the easiest way to answer. But, your kid finds the very problem knotty enough to untangle.
  • Determine the issue of the child. As children do not speak properly and cannot express their feelings, parents find it hard to boil down to the primary reason for failures.

With all these problems there is need for kindergarten homework ideas.

The kid’s version:

Do you know why children pick up some things way more quickly than we do? It is because their brain is like an empty vessel and can contain anything you pour. So, we have to be careful while teaching them, any corrupted concept or idea can plant a flawed seed.

  • They tend to forget new things if not revised or repeated daily.
  • They get confused easily with every new thing they learn.
  • Children cannot focus like us adults, so the capacity of their learning fluently is out of the question.
  • If they learn something inaccurate, correcting the fault is the next hardest task of the parent.
  • And the last point, which is crucial to them all is; kids do not know that assignments are a part of their life and how important it is. To ensure that this whole process is made exciting, they need to have correct kindergarten homework ideas.

Ways to deal with children and homework:

Some tasks always seem impossible, but our parents did actually succeed in making the unworkable possible. We wonder how! Here is the trick;

  • Nightly homework. Your child may cry and beg to play or go to bed early, but at least fifteen minutes of a nightly assignment is a must.
  • Some kids struggle with similar sounding words and its meaning. Likewise, they make mistakes with like looking letters and numbers. Hence, it is recommended to do loud readings regularly, both by the parents and kids.
  • Visual learning. Sometimes, I see that some children can pronounce the like sounding words, letters or numbers, but they fail to identify them. What they lack,is understanding the viewable differences.

Make a Rapid Automatic Naming chart for this purpose. It is also known as RAN chart. It consists of related sounding and correlative words, viz; rat, cat, mat, bat, hat and much more. Reading this chart aloud will mitigate the problems. Make similar charts for numbers and letters. These unique kindergarten homework ideas will help them achieve great

  • Create a weekly routine for homework. It is preferred if you engage your kid in the habitual practice of studying every day. Do not make a rigid schedule with no breaks or monotonous long hours of studying. It is the easy way to lose your child’s focus and will be difficult for you to make him or her study further.

Allow some break times. Feed your kid; let the child play for few minutes. Let the brain and mind relax. I find it more productive if you let your child have a quick nap.

  • Make your own Have you seen that some kids are more productive with puzzles, tic-tact-toes, rhyming words, and pictures? Try making sheets with pictures and words. Tell them to identify the question asked. Assist them for first few examples and then let them do the rest by themselves.
  • Make your child solve the similar worksheet regularly to check if your kid is actually grasping the things.

I will advise you to keep in touch with the teacher of the kindergarten. Believe it or not- they know the best and treat every individual student according to their absorbing capability. So, talk to the teacher, discuss the problem. Update the teacher about the dilemma you face at home while teaching your kid.

There are many parents; I see who avail online help. Yes! Online support is available to tutor kindergarten children. There are various worksheets, RAN chart, read aloud charts, puzzles available on the internet. You can download them and teach your kid regularly. Or, employing online help will reduce your effort.

They are available anytime and are easily affordable. The experienced teachers are reliable for their artistry skills to manage a child and teach them with utmost care.

Teaching a child is indeed a tedious task, but it is also important. So, it is advisable to start with measured steps and with proper guidance, the result will be fruitful.

Kindergarten homework ideas are most important step in this process of knowledge!

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