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Know Your Organic Chemistry Better with Our Synthesis of a Nitrogen Containing Heterocyclic Compound Assignment Help!

What are heterocyclic substances?

The biggest and most varied type of organic compounds will fall into the heterocyclic category. Basically it is that all carbocyclic compounds may be transformed into their heterocyclic counterparts irrespective of the functionality and structure. It is done by replacing the ring carbon atoms may be one or more than one with another element. If you consider the basic elements like sulphur, nitrogen and oxygen the permutations and combinations of such reactions are innumerable.

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How do you get heterocyclic nitrogen?

Some chemists had proved that certain aromatic azides are photolised in the presence of oxygen leading to the generation of nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds through the help of domino reaction chain.

Some six-Membered rings structure can be found in the
fully six-membered unsaturated nitrogen heterocycles like pyrazine, pyridine, pyridazine, pyrimidine which have stable aromatic rings. In case of sulphur or oxygen analog they are primarily positively charged like in the case of 2, 4, 6-triphenylpyrylium tetrafluoroborate.

Importance of Heterocyclic compounds

These compunds have gained significant attention since decades earlier mainly due to, their profound biological activity along with extensive medicinal applications. Some of the important heterocycles are dibenzonaphthyridinones and benzonaphthyridinones. They are also called as antimicrobial alkaloids or anticancer agents. Some compounds can also act as reverse multidrug resistance.

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Annulation Reactions

Aryne annulation reactions consist of several different reaction types. One example of typical reaction is when the aryl anion created by nucleophilic reaction on an aryne is captured by the intramolecular electrophile to generate a ring structure. This type of aryne reaction will quickly produce different heterocycles under light reaction conditions. For example, the production of thioxanthones, xanthones, and acridones by this process is also reported.

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