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The Concept of Supervision in Management:

Supervision means an act of overseeing the activities of employees. A supervisor is the in charge of a group of employees. As he has the responsibility of getting thework done, he guides trains and coaches the employees who work under him. Supervision is a significant part of management which helps to achieve particular goals in organizations.

The Role of Supervision in Management:

  • Formulation of Plans:

It is important to prepare methods or policies to do the work in a company.To complete the work in properly, it’s very important to formulate some techniques or plans.

  • Motivation:

It helps to motivate the employees to work in a better way. The guidance of the supervisor encourages better performance of the employees.

  • Discipline:

It ensures discipline among the employees in an organization. Employees follow fixed time table under the guidance of the supervisor.

  • Communication:

A supervisor tries to eliminate the communication gap between him and the employees. So, he passes on the problems or complaints of the employees to the superiors.

  • Proper Utilization of Resources:

A supervisor always tries to use allthe resources in aright manner. If the supervisor doesn’t check the progress of the work, that may lead to the wastage of resources.

The Function of a Supervisor:

A supervisor plays 2 important roles.

  1. Guide:

A supervisor provides the guidance to the employees and helps them out in any problematic or difficult situation.

  1. Mediator:

A supervisor plays the role of a mediator because he passes on the plans and decisions of the management to the subordinates and delivers the suggestions, complaints of the subordinates to the management.

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