• Posting from cash book to ledger accounts: It is reflected on receipt side of cash book. All kind of receipt happens through cash and bank finally records it. Payment side of cash book will come up with all kind of payments that happens through cash. With recording of cash transactions, posting is completed from one aspect and now, the transaction posting into ledger accounts should be done. For posting from debit side, it needs to be written as ‘By cash/bank A/c’. But, in case of personal account, it is credited with cash along with discount allowed account.
  • Posting from purchases book to ledger: The purchase book gets totaled at the end of every month. The total also reflects show credit purchase during month and it gets debited in purchase account which is written as “to sundries as per purchase book’. In case of accounts related to personal accounts it is recorded in purchase book that are credited with respective amount and it is written as ‘By purchase A/c’. The posting that happens in personal account needs to be done on daily basis along with relevant amount.
  • Posting from sales book to ledger: Sales book is capable of recording credit sales of goods and these show names of debtors which mean you can find to whom sales are made. Total credit sales that are found in sales book have to be credited in sales account. The posting that is done to personal account should be maintained on daily basis along with relevant amount on debit side. Accounts of different parties get recorded in sales book that are debited.
  • Posting from purchase return book to ledger: This helps to record purchases returned to parties. The purchase return book gets totaled at end of every month. It would show purchase return that has finally happened every month and credited in purchase return account while mentioning it as ‘By Sundries as per Purchases Return Book’. The accounts of different parties get recorded in purchase return book that are debited with amounts and written as ‘To purchase return A/c’.
  • Posting from sales return book to ledger: It helps to record all kind of sales that is returned by customers. This gets totaled at end of every month and it would reflect sales return that may happen during month and gets debited in sales return account which is mentioned as ‘To Sundries as per sales return book’.


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