Sales book helps to record all kind of credit sales that happens within business. It is also said to be a secondary book of accounts and not like that of cash sales which helps to record in cash book, sales book and also enable to record credit sales. The amount that gets entered in sales book occurs when invoices supplied to purchasers and copy remains with firm.

Ways to do ledger posting of sales book

All kind of transactions that happens within business gets posted in sales books and this can get posted on related ledger accounts. These are the steps that should be followed while posting transactions from sales book to ledger:

  • Each and every entry should be posted to debit side and individual account in debtor’s ledger occurs only at end of day and this allows keeping account up to date.
  • The presence of column for “total” get finally summed up at end of every month which gets posted to ledger.

Sales book records can help to record all kind of credit sales of goods and also help to reflect different names of debtors where sales have been made.

Posting to sales account

Total credit sales that are reflected in sales book needs to be credited in sales account. According to traditional approach, sales comes under revenue item and falls and this is under nominal accounts should have to get credited. But, in case of modern approach, sales are revenue and it allows in increasing revenue that should be credited.

Posting to personal accounts

The accounts of different parties will help to record in sales book which gets debited with respective amounts that are shown in sales book. The posting that happens in personal accounts need to be done on daily basis that reflects relevant amount on debit side.

The sales book is supposed to contain information that gets recorded in sale and this also includes name of customer, invoice date, invoice number of sales and the amount of invoiced sale. The book should be filled at end of every sales day.

Ways to do ledger posting of sales book
Ledger Posting from Sales Book 1
Ledger Posting from Sales book 2Ledger Posting from Sales Book 2

Ledger Posting from Sales Book 3

Ledger Posting from Sales Book 4
Ledger Posting from Sales Book 4Ledger Posting from Sales Book5

ledger posting of sales book 6

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