How to Improve Your Substitution Variance Calculations in No Time?

Among all the variance calculations that students have to do in their cost accounting case studies and/or projects, the substitution variance is a tricky concept to grasp. It does not fall in any other common variance calculation category, but is equally important compared to the rest. This is why we at have devoted our services to provide you with substitution variance homework help.

What is substitution variance?

We have already covered different variance calculations related to labor and materials required for an operation. However, there is an important aspect which we haven’t covered yet – that is the use of alternate materials and/or labor options. This greatly affects the overall calculations, with major deviations from the standard rates, and allowing multiple mixes to function as a unit.

This is where the substitution variance calculations come in any substitution variance homework help. It is basically a cost variance which estimates the use of alternative components in a project over the use of standard ones.

It is useful in a different number of ways:

  • It helps to differentiate between several different types and qualities of material and labor.
  • It informs the project head which components are cost effective and which are using excess resources.
  • It tracks the usage and quality of prepared materials, including long term supply chains.

Working Formula

The working formula for this type is quite easy to compute and analyze. Since it is an alternative form of variance calculation, the primary objective is to compare and contrast the standard and actual rates for materials and labor.

Substitution Variance = Actual labor time x (Standard rate of labor/materials – Actual rate of labor/materials)

In our substitution variance assignment help, we also cover the difference between idle time and actual working time as a part of our substitution variance analysis for a better understanding.

Common Problems

Since these forms of calculations are a bit uncommon, students are naturally unfamiliar with its concepts. Hence most fail to comprehend the importance of it during a large case study analysis of cost accounting. Here are some common problems associated with substitution:

  • Difficulty in tabulating standard and actual rates for labor and/or materials.
  • Lack of awareness for alternative forms of labor and/or materials for a project.
  • Efficiency calculations are often ignored in case of substitution variance.
  • Labor mix is not considered for calculations in substituted form.

These problems are easily and effectively countered by our team of experts who deal with these projects in our substitution variance assignment help services.

Why go for our services?

We at cover all important aspects of cost accounting in our services. Hence you can be rest assured that our experts are 100% committed to your projects and/or assignments. This ensures a completely error-free analysis for you, with extra provisions for corrections and further editing.

We make sure our customers are fully satisfied with our services, and thus they come back in future for more assistance. We focus on building long terms relationships with our clients using our substitution variance assignment help options for them.

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