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Some items can be substituted, and this determines input flexibility in economics. Production functions will always have many inputs to get the output, and an input or more than one input can be substituted. A student can seek substitution among inputs assignment help as the subject is highly technical.

Some examples of input substitution

Banks are supposed to deliver cash to account holders using cashiers. Apart from this, there are other methods like net banking and ATM. Through net banking no physical transfer of cash takes place, but the role of cash to account takes place. Cash transfer does take place through ATM, and the account holder need not spend more time in the bank.

A bakery that produces cake can substitute their products and increase their quality. For example, a bakery that sees their competitors using fructose sugar as a sweetener in their cakes can substitute that material with honey or cane sugar and make a market niche for them. The same bakery can substitute cane sugar when a honey price goes up, and the cake would still taste the same. Substitution among inputs assignment help would cover real life examples like this.

The pipeline can be used to transfer water from a place to another place. And in the same manner, it can be used to transfer gas and energy. The pipeline that would be used for this purpose would not be of the same size and diameter

There are other cases in which input substitution would not take place, and that is when making concrete and aluminum. If an input substitution takes place in concrete, making that cheaper, the end product would also be cheaper. This can lead to many quality issues. Substitution among inputs homework help would ensure that students get to understand these concepts in the easy manner possible.

There is input substitution that would be used in farming methods also. Water, as everyone knows, is becoming scarce and farmers can substitute water rich crops with less water using crops and increase output and improve sales. The other method is if possible fresh water can be substituted with recycled kitchen water and this, in turn, would lessen the dependability on water.

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