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If you want to know about cell membranes then you must know that:

  • They are permeable to organic molecules and ions
  • The cell membranes control the continuous movement of substances from going in and out of the cells.
  • The main function of this cell membrane comprises of protecting the cells from its surroundings.
  • It primarily contains phospholipid bilayer which is embedded with proteins.

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What are the different types of processes that cell membranes are involved with?

  • The cell membranes are mainly engaged in a number of cellular processes
  • The processes include ion conductivity,cell adhesion and cell signaling
  • All these processes act as the main attachment surface for various extracellular structures like in the glycocalyx, intracellular cytoskeleton and cell wall.
  • Another feature of cell membrane is that it can be artificially reassembled.

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Are you interested in knowing about the function of the cell membranes?

The numbers of transport mechanisms that are involved in making biological membranes are as follows:

  • Diffusion or passive osmosis: The passive transport process is that process where some substances like oxygen, carbon dioxide can easily move across by diffusion within the plasma membrane.
  • Transporters and transmembrane protein channels: Some nutrients like amino acids and sugar should get into the cell while some residual products of metabolism must get away from the cell. The ways these molecules are diffused away by the membrane are called transmembrane transporters.
  • Endocytosis: In this process the cells engulf the molecules by absorbing them. it is actually the way by which the solid particles are internalized like the ions, small molecules and macromolecules. It needs some energy and thus it also acts as a kind of active transport.
  • Exocytosis: Here the membrane of a vesicle and plasma membrane may be fused together. It occurs in a numerous cells in order to remove the unwanted substances.

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