Structure and Function of the Cell: Assignment Guide for Students

What is a cell?

The most widely used definition of cell is that it is the fundamental building block of like. It is the fundamental structural, functional and biological unit in all living beings. It is the tiniest unit in any living organism and it can regenerate on its own. The study of cell is known as cell biology.

Organisms which have a single cell are known as unicellular while those with more than one cell are known as multicellular organisms. The number of cells in different breeds of plants and animals vary with species. In the human body, there are more than 10 trillion cells, some of which are continuously being destroyed and replaced by new ones.

Cells are visible under microscopes. The dimensions of cells can be anywhere between 10 micrometer to 100 micrometer.

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Structure and function of cell:

A cell comprise of an outer membrane which encloses the cytoplasm, containing proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nutrients known as biomolecules. Two third of the cell is made up of water and this is why it is commonly said that the human body is two-third water. The structural framework is made of cytoskeleton which is a network of long fibers, and within the cytoplasm there’s the nucleus.

The main function of the cell is to convert the food we consume into molecules through chemical reactions, so as to release energy.

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