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What are structural decisions process involving technologies?

The impact of technology on operational marketing has taken the concept of marketing to a highly advanced stage across the globe where benefits are immense and beyond words in perfections. Technology today has a deep influence over decision making in business purposes.

A structured decision is all about the processing of particular sets of information put in a specified manner so that the task of decision making is executed with ease. There are both structured decisions as well as non structured decisions. Structural decisions process technology homework help can help you improve with these.

  • Capabilities in processing data

Quick and accurate decisions can be made with the help of technology. Decision making processes are computerized tool for data mining from the data warehouse.

  • Speed

A huge amount of information can be processed with the fraction of a second. Great power and capabilities of sophisticated processing can be accessed with the help of information technology.

  • Group decision making made easy

Technology offers a support system for group decisions which helps the employees in taking quick decisions. A GDSS helps in facilitating decision making and is a category of decision support system.

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