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Zero sum game will be attributed to a simple assumption that one player wins and another player loses. Rock, paper, scissor game can be termed as an example of this strategy. If both players usually children make the same symbol then the game will end in a draw .If both players make two different symbols, then the game will end with one winning and one losing.

Assumption of strictly competitive game

The strictly competitive game will develop from this assumption that both children will always try to improve their style of writing. The scissor will get broken by rock, and the aim of very player would be to combat the scissor taken by the first player. The aim of the first player while choosing scissor will be to make the second player chose paper and break the momentum. Paper can be used as a method to wrap the rock.

There would be a matrix in the form of reward matrix that would be used to explain certain things in Strictly Competitive Games and Maxminimization Introduction assignment help

The game when it starts the players would always check for Maxmin strategy and would check whether the points are in an aquarium or Nash equilibrium.

A strictly competitive game would happen when two players work hard for winning with an assumption that opponent would do anything to bring them down. There would be an additional concept of max min strategy that would be used in Strictly Competitive Games and Maxminimization Introduction homework help. The other notion of this game is that there would be a belief that what is good for my move would be bad for an opponent.

The minimum game principle

The minimum gain principle employed by the player would use the low-risk strategy and would help in ensuring there is safety. This strategy would mean that player is taking best out of a worst strategy that can take place. This strategy would lead to Nash equilibrium, and then a player would switch over to dominating strategy.

In economics, this strategy is used well in combating recession and job loss. A reason is that companies would look at ways to safeguard their interest first before taking an attack against other competitors.

When Nash equilibrium takes place in a completive game, then it would lead to a different strategy. In Maxmin strategy the presumption is that one strategy would never become Nash equilibrium even though strategy may intertwine and would make cross road entry. The battle of sexes is a game in which max min strategy is used.

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