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Strategy Analysis and Choice: Exploring the concept

Strategic planning is not at all an easy thing to dabble with and the top management of an organization is well-acquainted with this concept. The nascent step taken towards policy formulation is assessing and choosing a strategy. It is regarded as the first step in evaluating a strategic situation by exploring a number of factors which prove crucial for the success of an organization.

A lot of data is required to carry out a situation audit and examining the past track record of a firm is essential. From a general analysis to scanning the industry statistics, business environments and more, a strategy is reviewed and data about the present situation is collected and assessed in several fields like:

  • Market analysis and gauging customer behaviour and perception
  • The resources that a company is equipped with
  • The level of competition in a respective niche
  • Scanning the environment (both internal and external ones)
  • Measuring performances or analysing key performance indicators

The top management also finds out the factors that are needed to ensure that every plan of action hatched and executed in is alignment with a company’s goals and objectives. For businesses to perform in an amazing way there are several criteria that needs to be taken care of like the effect on performance measures, the connection between strategic thrusts, life-cycle stages and the like.

The top management level often indulges in the effective factor of a strategy that has been implemented, what will be the impact of the strategy in near future and what changes need to be accommodated to make a strategy more convenient.

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