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Defining the Role of Strategists in the Corporate Organization

The role of a strategist has increased a lot over the last few years. The scope of their role has broadened, and it also has become much more complex. Previously strategists were simply involved in annual planning. But today their role is much more diverse.

Today, it is the strategists who are responsible for reallocating resources of the organization and are also responsible for building certain calculated capabilities in some of the most important functioning areas of an organization. They are the ones who help in bringing about some important business decisions in the organization.

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Role of the Strategists

  1. It has been observed that about 40 % of the strategists make use of certain analysis that is based on important facts and then find out various industry shifts from existing facts. This also helps them to understand important sources of competitive advantage which further helps them to formulate proper strategies to achieve goals of the organization.

    A. The role of an architect in a particular company is to drive business, and so we can definitely say that strategists play the role of an architect.

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  2. There are some companies where strategists play the role of a mobilizer. This is because their major role is to develop a strategy of their organization and also complete special projects within stipulated time.

    A. The strategists as mobilizers ensure that they scrutinize all important details and also ask important questions and ascertain that their organization is constantly in the process of learning.

  3. Strategists often have to play the role of a surveyor as well because they are the ones who try to find out those important topics that will be effective in bringing about a change in how companies will operate in future. They also try to find out disruptions that may prevent an organization from achieving its objectives.

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