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Game theory is a fantastic application in economics. It is an application that is based on mathematical principles. Here assumptions are probability based. Therefore it has applications in other subjects too. But there are lots of concepts that can be really difficult. And therefore it is useful to get some assistance. So for instance, strategies and outcomes assignment help is really useful. It helps you get clarity of concept.

Basic concepts

There are many terms that need to be understood in game theory. And this needs to a lot of attention. First of all strategies and outcomes are an important part of game theory. Thus knowing more about these terms is very important. In fact these are the fundamental concepts of game theory.


Basically strategy is a set of options. So in a game there are players. A player will always try to win. Think of gambling. Players will always try to get profits. So that means each player will think of ways to achieve that. Now any option that a player chooses is a strategy. So when you devise a method in order to win, it is a strategy.

However, it is wrong to talk of strategy as a move. Many people use these two terms interchangeably. That is wrong. A strategy is always a set of moves. While a move is just a singular action. More terms are there that can confuse you. So taking strategies and outcomes assignment help at is very useful.

Thinking of strategy you can think of it as an algorithm. Therefore a planned sequence of moves is strategy.

Types of strategy

There are three types of strategy

  • Pure Strategy
  • Mixed strategy
  • Totally mixed strategy


Outcomes are the results. So after you execute a strategy, it has repercussions. Therefore what happens after strategies is called outcome. It is like the results of a game. After applying a combination of strategies, there’s an outcome.

However here you take a probabilistic approach. That means here there’s a sample space. And that sample space is the set of all possible outcomes. So in a game, there are events. These events happen after you make moves. When you play a move, any event from the sample space is basically an outcome.

Again, these terms are a bit confusing. That is all the more reason to seek help. Strategies and outcomes homework help will be useful in this regard.

Professional help

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