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Being an approach to human behavior, game theory is multi-disciplinary, with uses in fields like economics, mathematics and social sciences. Here, ‘Games’ mean the human interactions which are governed by the strategies of the opposing people involved. If you are studying game theory, you might require strategic games homework help. If you do so, you have come to the right place. We are always willing to provide you the academic assistance you require.

Defining strategic games

In a model strategic game, it is all about interacting with decision makers. Given by the way they interact, these decision makers are known as players. There is a set of possible actions that each player can perform. In this model, the player interactions are captured in a way that the action of other players affects each player. Obviously, the player’s own interaction affects him/her as well.

The list of actions of all the players is called action player every player has preferences about it. If you want strategic games assignment help, you would want to know the definition of it. To be more precise, you can define with ordinal preferences, is a strategic game. It model consists:

  • A certain set or a number of players
  • A certain number of actions for every player
  • Preferences of every player over the action profile.

Kind of situations that can be considered to be strategic games

You can consider several kinds of situations to which can be transformed as strategic games. As an example, firms may serve as players, with prices being the actions and the profits of the firm being preferences. Even candidates for political office may be considered as players, with campaign expenditures being their actions and candidate’s chance of winning being the preferences. Even animals fighting over a certain prey can be players and concession times the actions and the win or loss of animal being preferences.

Time in strategic games

Time is not present in strategic games model. To understand this concept, you might require strategic games assignment help. The idea behind this model is that the actions are chosen by players once and that is it. All the players involved in the game choose their actions in a simultaneous manner.

Thus, when a player chooses his/her action, he/she is not informed of other player’s actions. This is the reason why strategic game is at times called simultaneous move game. However, an action of a player may involve an activity that extends over time, and an infinite number of contingencies may be taken into account.

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