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An idea about Stoichiometry

Stoichiometry is a specialised topic in chemistry where one calculates the relative quantities of products and reactants in a chemical reaction. The basis of this concept is the law of conservation of mass which states that the total mass of the products is equal to the total mass of reactants. This concept is useful for chemical based researchers and forms a fundamental ground for reaching important conclusions in the field of chemistry.

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What is all studied in Stoichiometry?

There are lots of things that you will get to study in Stoichiometry. You will be required to understand the etymology, definition, how conversion of grams into moles is done, the molar proportion, determining the exact amount of product, Stoichiometric ratio, different kinds of stoichiometries in completing the reactions, limiting reagent and percent yield, the coefficient and matrix related to Stoichiometry, general applications of this concept in the real world situations and much more.

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