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Institutes dealing with financial studies try to build up students skills through accounting assignments. However, corporate finance sometimes becomes confusing for students of this discipline. They often face problems while doing evaluations. Thus, they need stock and bond valuation: annuities and perpetuities homework help. We here at provide the correct solution to their problems.

Before you become acquainted with valuation formulas, you need to understand what the four different aspect means.


Perpetuity refers to never-ending cash flows that contain an equal amount. Thus, when experts need perpetuity formula, they want to evaluate infinite payments that happen in a series. The formula that financial officers follow for perpetuity estimation:

            C                      C                      C                      C

PV = ————-+ —————-+ —————- ……= ———

            (1+r)1         (1+r)2                (1+r)3                                     r

Thus, when perpetuity gets delayed, estimation happens as a permanent stream of cash flows, which starts arriving on a predetermined time during future evaluations.

Now, you can take another step for getting stock and bond valuation: annuities and perpetuities assignment help.


Annuities came into existence for having a trustable source that gives steady cash flows. Therefore you can say it mainly catered to the need of people who wanted steady income after retirement. However, for business organizations, they refer to an annuity as a contractual product of having afinancial value that they can sell. It helps to grow funds gradually. Also, know that the businessmen see this time of funding annuity before any kinds of payout as an accumulation period.

Thus you can understand that what role the perpetuities and annuities play in the valuation of bond and stock. Now before you receive stock and bond valuation: annuities and perpetuities assignment help, know the reason for stock and bond valuation.

Stock Valuation

Financial managers refer to stock as a secure material that organization owns. Also, it shows what kind of ownership inside a corporation a particular firm contains. And, it becomes responsible for representing the owner’s claim on any part or whole of the enterprise’s assets & earnings.

You can follow many methods to evaluate stock but depend on the situation you need to identify the correct method:

  • DDM (Dividend Discount Model)
  • DCF (Discounted Cash Flow Model)
  • Comparables Method (it follows the Law of One Price for evaluating)

Bond Valuation

Known in the market as debt investment, bond evaluation refers to the process of lending money by an investor to an individual entity. These entities often come from a corporate body or financial organizations or even sometimes the Government. Companies and Governments use Bonds for raising financial funds for projects and other activities.

Therefore, once you understand these four different aspects, you will know why you need stock and bond valuation: annuities and perpetuities homework help. We provide you with all that.

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