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What do you mean by stochastic processes?

Stochastic process is a random process that is responsible in development of some system or structure of methods of random values in a particular time. The random process is completely perfect for the various outcomes and this process is none other than the collection of random variables. This is profitable as the process is perfect for getting solutions or evolution in several ways, rather than a singe way.

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What are the various types of stochastic process?

The different types after classification of Stochastic are as follows-

  • Discrete time and discrete state space.

·         Continuous time and continuous state space.

·         Discrete time and continuous state space.

·         Continuous time and discrete state space.

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What is Finite-Dimensional Distribution?

This is an important tool, which is used to measure the exact value of collection of random variables and this all is done under suitable topological restriction.

Construction of Stochastic process

·         Kolmogorov extension.

·         Separability or other than Kolmogorov extension.

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