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Steps to Organize You with Your Study for Better Result

by Nov 8, 2016Assignment Help

Your academic performance entirely depends on your education. However, it’s hard to put the same amount of time on each subject of your syllabus. We all have different kinds of interest in each topic. Like if you give me ten maths problems to finish in half an hour, I will jump off and run away! But if you tell me to study literature I will go on for hours without speaking a word.
School syllabus is not much fond of your choices. You have to study a few subjects that you don’t like at all and obviously get good grades because only they are going to help with the rest of your academic career.
Here’re some steps to organise yourself with your study for better grades:

  • Write down what do you need to consider

Make a list of the relevant topics first. If you have that in front of your eyes, it will be easier for you to figure out how you are going to study the whole syllabus.
Now that you have an idea of your curriculum, you need to find out how much have to study and how you need to do with each subject. There are chances that you will have your part time job or your other commitments during the week, so once you figure out what exactly to study you will plan your schedule that way.

  • Plan a schedule

Not having schedule will end up you freaking out a night before the exam where you know a thing about your syllabus. If you start planning your schedule at the beginning of the semester, it will help you to cover most of the topics way before the exam. You can divide your available time into different parts of the syllabus.
You have to have the plan to study the same amount of time each day so that you have a habit of memorising things. This practice is crucial to trick your brain that way. If you have enough time before an exam, even sitting for 1 hour will help, but if not you have to plan your schedule to cover all the topics.

  • Have time for refreshment

Make sure you have time for your other activities as well. All studies and no play can make Jack a dull boy. We are no superhuman that we can study hours without any break.
If you are planning with ample time in your hand, you should keep some time for your music classes or swim practice and your other commitments. These breaks will refresh you, and you will not get bored with your studies.

  • Learn your style of learning

We all have unique styles of learning. You are the one who knows about your style; if possible follow that method only. There are different kinds of learner- some prefer visual charts or diagrams, some prefer music while studying, some prefer learning in a group, or some prefer alone.
Once you figure out which method is best for you, follow that. It will help you to learn faster and will boost your self-confidence.

  • Create an environment where you can study

Find a place at home without any distractions. If you have troubling siblings at home, you might want to get your job done at the school library. The environment is very much important for the quality of your work.
If you are doing some assignments which you have to finish within a particular time, I hope you would like to have a peaceful setting to work.

  • Social media is a no-no while studying

Our social lives are not more important while we are studying. Most students try to do multitasking like checking on their social media profiles while studying. Many do it in the class too, and they end up missing their lectures.
Do not follow this one thing in your study schedule. We are always online on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, why not spare a complete one hour of studying? To learn about it more, you can go through “Top 5 ways to analyze how social media is impacting students’ life”. This will give abetter idea how to manage different activities.

  • Make studying a daily routine

It’s necessary to make your study planning a part of your everyday lives. Being consistent with your performances will always keep you at the top of your grades. If you try to make it a regular habit, you will not face problems during the exam time.
Check your schedule and make time for study every day. The more it is a habit, the less trouble you are going to face. Once you have found how much time you can afford for studying, start with the plan!

  • Stick to your schedule

Not only making a plan, sticking to your routine is important too. There is no point if you make your program and not follow it. If you make your study a habit, you will not have trouble to adhere to your schedule, but until that you have to be careful enough to follow the routine.
If possible, you must inform other people about your plan. Tell your parents or siblings; I am sure they will be supportive with their acts. They can also be your reminder to follow the routine. You can tell your friends too so that they can plan your meetings in a way; that does not disturb your daily plan.
I hope these guidelines help you to study with a routine and fetch you good grades in school or college. If you follow these small steps, no one can stop you from reaching the top position in class with a grade A in all the subjects.