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Steps to Maximize Performa of Trading Account by Doing Homework

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

Trading account consists of two sides i.e. debit side and credit side. On the debit side, you will be supposed to place all the direct expenses or losses incurred by the firm, and on the credit side, you will have to place the direct revenue or profit earned by the firm. Have a look at the layout.

Dr.                                                                                  Cr.

Expenses/Losses Amount $ Revenue/Profit Amount $

This is a basic layout of preparing trading account where on the left side you can see all direct expenses, and on the right-hand side, you can see all the direct revenues. Now the next step comes where students learning Perform a of trading account homework answers will have to figure out that how the items will get distributed among these two columns.

Which items will be placed on debit side?

Here are listed some items which are to be kept on the left-hand side i.e. debit side of the trading account.

  • Opening stock

The very first entry in debit side is opening stock. The amount of goods or materials that firm has for selling purpose or for usage at the starting of an accounting period is opening stock. Opening stock basically indicates the closing stock of last year.

  • Purchase

Purchase account will show the gross purchase of materials. This includes both credit purchase and cash purchase of goods. One point to be noted here is that the assets purchased for permanent use like machinery etc. will not be considered as purchase.

  • Purchase return

Purchase return means the material which is returned to the supplier, hence purchase return is indicates credit balance. Net amount is showed on the debit side by subtracting purchase return from purchase.

For example: Let’s assume

To Purchases       $300

Less Purchases    $10

Net amount         $300 – $10 = $290

  • Direct expenses

Direct expenses as the name signify the costs incurred in purchasing of goods or services till they reach to the selling place.

A few examples of direct expenses are listed.

  1. Direct wages/Wages
  2. Carriage and freight on purchase/ Carriage inward/Freight inward
  3. Fuel/ Lighting/Power expenses
  4. Packing charges
  5. Manufacturing expenses/ Assembling expenses
  6. Factory expenses/Rent
  7. Commission on purchase
  8. Royalty

Consider these points in mind students can easily put the entries on the debit side, but this requires a lot of focus. It is assured that you will get excellence over this Perform a of trading account homework answers once you will learn all these concepts by heart and with constant practice. Now let’s find out the items on the credit side of trading account.

Which items to be place on the credit side?

  • Sales

Sales in trading account are indicated on the credit side showing the amount generated by overall selling of products throughout the year.This includes both cash sales and credit sales.

  • Sales returns

Sales returns mean the good that is returned by the customers due to some reasons.A sales return is showed in the credit side, and net sale can be calculated by subtracting this sales return from sales.

  • Closing stock

At the end of a particular accounting year, the amount of unsold good left in the stock whether raw material, work in progress or finished goods are referred as closing stock.

Proceeding towards the final step of preparing trading account. I believe from the above interpretation of all the items properly; you must be very much clear about the distribution of items in each column.

Knowing these basic principles is important to prepare a correct trading account. While completing your Perform a of trading account homework answers, proper concentration is required as a single wrong entry can destroy the whole motive of preparing trading account.

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