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Steps to Know How Your Child Is Doing in Academics

by Sep 17, 2016Assignment Help

Are you having sleepless nights thinking about your son or daughter’s academic performance? If your kid is having problems at his or her school you can look into the matter in an exploratory way instead of being angry or judgemental. There are several reasons for this.
As in any situation when you lose your cool and turn reactive or angry, the main root of the problem cannot be seen clearly. So generally the resolution you think of is by threatening or blaming your child. Hence if something else is the cause of concern beyond the fact that your child is not doing well in academics then you must have an open mind to discover it. If you can as a parent learn to not expect your kids achieving high grades and instead focus on their passion for learning new things, in the long run you will see your child shine in his or her career.
As a parent what you can do is view the issuelike an opportunity of learning having a curiosity sense and in the process know more about it. There are few common causes as to whykids face difficulty with their academics:

  • I know that few parents will not like to know his about their kids, but the fact is some children do not give their school that much importance. The kids on the other hand are an expert with hands-on actions and also possess brilliant and bright minds. But the part they dislike is the rules and boundaries of sitting enclosed in classroom and doingregular homework, which they do not value.

If you have a curious mind you will get to know the importance of academics to your kids and also help to generate methods to assist them in creatingproper learning scopes for them.

  • Some kids may be fond of learning, but may feel disgusted with high functioning skills like an organization, attention or self- management and memory. Your children may be suffering from ADHD the full form is anxietypervasive developmental disorders, or autism or other sensory issues, which needs extra support and attention.

A organized learning process is what these children requires which can manage organization and break the large projects or assignments to manageable small parts.

  • Some academic settings which are aware of the need of this special child’s learning try methods like teaching more hands-on and simultaneously providing the proper organizational structure. When you are curious and not reactive you can check if your kid is having problems.Then as parents you know that your kids are not lazy but need extra care and support.

Parents can explore the benefits of Individualized Education Plan (IEP) of school which will be advantageous for the tutors also to understand the basic requirements of your child. Tutoring will also assist the kids in learning of the ways of structuring assignments and finish the school tasks.
Some kids get affected by external matters
One fine day you find that your ‘A’ grade child is now getting ‘C’ grade regularly and gets scolded by tutors and coaches. What may be the issue? It can be anything like there is a bully who says bad things to him or her. May be problems at your house could impact them or their classmates started to smoke and they do not know what should be done.Sometimes during this vulnerable age kids do not know specifically what exactly is troubling them.
You as a parent should handle this situation with maturity by speaking to them as a friend and spend time with them. You can connect and know exactly what is the mental status of your kid or what is he experiencing. Try not to be judgemental and hear them out carefully, what may be of no significance to you may be still important for them.
Another reason for sudden fall in academic may be too much control given by you. Parents sometimes allowunlimited freedom in the form of latest electronics gadgets and then you cannot find a way to distract them from these WIFI cell phones or laptops or computers.You should at this point assert the parental control with a loving and firm hand and start teaching them about structure with consequences.
Get a proper routine with homework time and mention clearly what is the expectation from them. You must not leave it there do follow-up to make sure that they are doing the work with attention and not just merely finishing it to get into their electronics zone quickly.
Working with the child’s tutor is important
You must partner with your kids’ tutor in order to keep open the lines of communication. This in turn will help in enhancement of your kid’s academic success along with social well-being. You must not skip any of the parent-teacher meetings and try to knowledgeable about the academic progress of your child.
Have some monthly discussion with teacher of your child regarding what you should do at house to enhance his or her growth.You can take the opportunity of going on field trips along with the class of your child and play the volunteer and assist the tutor of the classroom, in the special events or at playgrounds.
Make a habit of talking to your kid daily about school. You can ask simple questions like what the kids have learned that day and also about his or her friends and how the day had gone.You can review thehomework of your child every eveningand keep consultingthe homework professional Websites if possible. Ensure that your kid is finishing all the assignments in time regularly.
Try to be the positive voice for your kid
You must know that principals, tutors and others working for the school are meant to help with your child’s academics. Try being a voice for the child. It is a right you must exercise. Try working with the school to ensure all needs of your child are met. Becoming a voice for your child makes you an advocate.