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Steps to Follow in Order to Avoid Being Academic Procrastinator

by Oct 25, 2016Assignments

Academics are very important in life. Whether you like to study or not, you are left with no choice if you want to succeed in your educational career. It is generally seen that when work is assigned to students, they generally try to procrastinate it.
Procrastination is a process where one gets into the habit of delaying things to be done for an unlimited period or up to a time period that cannot be exactly quantified. They like to do things only when the deadline of the work assigned to them is very close. Until and unless, the sense of urgency is there, they don’t get up and act.
Being an academic procrastinator can land you someday in big trouble. You may even start to panic when the deadline is very near and mess up the entire work assigned to you. Grades will fall because you wouldn’t have spent the requisite time to finish your work. Procrastinating for various tasks such as your daily homework, assignments, projects and even studying for your exams can lead to really bad results and deteriorate your performance.
If you want to get rid of this really damaging habit, you will have to start from today itself and follow certain methods so that you complete things on time.
Steps followed to avoidacademic procrastinator

  • Get yourself motivated

First of all, motivate yourself that you can do it. Avoid the negative self-talk with yourself that you can’t do it, or you will do it later, or it’s too difficult for you. Your mind believes what you say to it. Motivate yourself by meeting people who inspire you, keep noting the positive quotes that you will do it, read good books.
Create a vision of yourself that how happy you will be once you complete the entire task on time. You will then be able to do all other tasks very freely. It will improve your academic performance a lot because you would have already devoted the time for your studies beforehand.

  • Do your work step by step

Don’t try to do everything at the same time. This is the reason why many students procrastinate. They try to do all the things together and when they are unable to do so then they leave the work in between. The correct method is to break the assigned tasks into parts and then start doing it. It will give you clarity, and you will be able to do your work in afaster manner than before.

  • Make timetable

Make a schedule of the work assigned to you by allocating specific time for each subject or the assigned task. Now paste that timetable somewhere you will see regularly. It will act as areminder for you to complete the task on time. Whenever you seeit, you will realize that you need to complete your work.

  • Avoid distractions

One of the reasons for procrastination is that there are many distracting factors. Some of them include mobile phones, television, games, etc. You should change your work area if it is too noisy and should shift to thepeaceful area. Always tell yourself that once you finish your work, then you have all the time in the world for other things.

  • Tell about your goals to others

Telling about your goals to other people will act as a reminder that you have to complete your task on time. Because every time you will see them or they will meet you they will ask whether you have done your work or not. This will add a little pressure on you to do your work on time.

  • Seek help

You can always seek thehelp of others in the areas you are lagging behind. If the reason for your procrastination is that your concepts are not clear and therefore you avoid your studies then, in that case, take help of your parents, friends and even you can take the services of a private tutor.

  • Meet people who have achieved something great in life and have inspired you

Always keep in touch with people who inspire you and motivate you. See their extraordinary achievements in life. If they would have also procrastinated, then they won’t have achieved so much. You can always seek their guidance on time management and how to improve your skills and efficiency. It can be a great and valuable advice to you.
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