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The concept of Statistics:

Statistics helps to make mathematical information more reliable and accurate. It is a branch of mathematics which includes the collection of data, analyzing the data, using its results to provide information which can be used to draw interferences. It uses various methodologies to gather, examine, review and bring conclusions from data.

Students of statistics often find it difficult to cope with the complexities of the subject. Since it requires expert assistance to derive the solutions of a statistical problem, students can easily refer to our statistics tutors help to get the best kind of help.

Branches of Statistics:

  1. Descriptive Statistics– It is the initial step towards a statistical investigation. Experts use this type of Statistics to examine a data derived from a sample through the mean deviation or standard deviation.
  2. Inferential Statistics– Experts use this when the collected data is considered as a branch of a specific population. It makes the correct calculation from the statistical data derived from descriptive statistics.

Problems faced by Statistics Students:

  1. Unable to understand the mathematical concepts involved in the subject.
  2. Difficulty in calculating the data.
  3. Too much scientific method and hypothesis to abide by.
  4. Lack of understanding in the concepts as various results can be derived from a single statistical problem.

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