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What is Static VAR compensator?

A static VAR compensator is a set or group of some electrical devices through which reactive power relates to high-voltage transmission of electricity can easily be availed. It is fast-acting and this also belongs to the same device family as Flexible -AC- transmission System that can easily regulate the power system, voltage, stabilizing and harmonics the system. These SVCs do not have any significant or particular moving part (except only internal Switchgear).

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When SVCs are used?

There are two particular points on which SVCs are used-

  • When SVCs get connected to the power system and regulating the voltage of the transmission, then it is known as Transmission SVC.
  • When large industrial load is the target one to connect the SVCs, then power quality gets improved and this is known as Industrial SVC.

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What are the elements of SVC?

The elements of SVCs are-

  • TCR or Thyristor controlled reactor
  • TCS or Thyristor switched capacitor
  • Harmonic filter
  • Mechanically switched reactors or capacitors

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