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One of the most fundamental theorems of finance is the Static No-Arbitrage Relationships. It has become the central topic of mathematical relationships showcasing the financial portfolio prices. The study of this topic is equally important as based on this theorem there are various decisions are taken for the financial market.

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Understanding concepts of static no-arbitrage relationships?

Static No-Arbitrage Relationships takes into account the financial portfolio prices and shows the mathematical relationship between them.So the underline principle of Static No-Arbitrage Relationships is trying to eradicate the chances of making profits out of anything.

The study of this topic is equally important as it shows how an Arbitrage Relationships can ruin a situation of an economic equilibrium.Based on various assumptions students are expected to come up with perfect solutions to the home assignments.

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Properties associated with this concept:

The topic holds many properties as well to show the relationship of Static no-arbitrage. To name a few-

  1. Property 1: when no dividend is paid prior to expiration in the case of a call option, the relationship is never optimal.
  2. Property 2: in case a stock pays a single dividend, in this case –

C0=max (0,B1,B2,B3)
where B1 = S0-X

B2 = S0-V0(r, t1) X

B3 = S0-V0(r, t1) d1-V0(r, t1)

Now as you may see, C0 is taken as call option when the time was 0. On the other hand, SO where S stands for stock and 0 is at that time, T can be termed as expiry time, V0 (r, T)X.

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