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Concept of Spread Trade

Beforeexplaining the concept of Spread Trade, it is important to mention that spread is defined as the sale of one or more future contracts and the purchase of one or more offsetting futures contracts.

It is also known as relative value trade and it also refers to the simultaneous purchase and sale of security in legs. They are actually executedin order to attempt to profit from the widening or narrowing of the spread. So if you think that you are lagging behind in the basic concept of spreadthread, then you can surely take Spread trade homework help from us.

What are different types of spread trades?

There are mainly three types of spread trade, and they are:

  • Intercommodity spreads (Intermarket)
  • Intracommodity spreads (Intramarket)
  • Option spreads (Inter-Exchange)

Intercommodity spreads (Intermarket) Spread trade

Intercommodity or Intermarket spread trade can be attained through long futures in a particular market and short futures of the same month in any different market.

Intracommodity spreads (Intramarket)

It is said that Intracommodity or Intramarket spreads are made only as calendar spreads. They are actually created from two different related commodities which reflect the economic relationship between the two.

Option spreads (Inter-Exchange)

Last but not the least Option Spreads are made with different option contracts on the same underlying commodity or stock.

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Pros of Spread trade

  • Spread trade is one of the easiest ways of trading
  • They require or have low margin requirements
  • They offer low risk
  • Spread trade also provides high return on margin
  • They have alsolow time requirements
  • Through spread,trade users can get number of trading opportunities
  • They don’t require live data

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