Spectroscopy of Organic Compounds – Best Way to Kill All Worries

With the help of varied spectroscopic techniques found in organic Chemistry, you can use them to identify infrared (IR), organic molecules, mass spectroscopy (MS), NMR or nuclear magnetic resonance and visible spectroscopy. Keep all your stress away by going through spectroscopy of organic compounds homework help.

How are the NMR, IR and UV spectroscopy based on?

  • All these are based on noticing the frequencies of different electromagnetic radiation being absorbed and as emitted by the molecules
  • Mass spectroscopy is based on actual measurement of the mass of each molecule
  • It also depends upon the different fragments of the molecule which are fabricated in the MS instrument

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What is visible spectroscopy?

  • This type of spectroscopy always uses visible light or ultra violet light to scrutinize the electronic properties of all molecules
  • The electrons in any molecule can reach a state excited when a molecule gets charged with UV light with a particular wave length
  • This is one of the most useful technique to analyze the molecules with carbonyl bonds

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What is NMR spectroscopy?

  • With NMR spectroscopy one of the most helpful and with its rich analytical techniques can be used for deciding the structure of any organic compound
  • The two main types of NMR are :
  1. Proton NMR
  2. Carbon NMR
  • The nuclei of atom contains a quantized property popularly known as spin
  • Once a magnetic field is applied to the nucleus, then this nucleus will be able to align with or against the once applied magnetic fields

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