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Some Effective Memory Techniques for Your Exam Preparation

by Sep 6, 2016Homework and Assignment Support

Exam is the biggest tension to all students. Pupils become very serious before their exam. They spend hours after hours with their subject and try to learn them perfectly. In this situation, they have to remember many difficult topics and lots of information together. Many students after entering the exam hall feel that their mind is blank. They cannot recall anything. So, it is a common question to all students that they want to know some tricks for memorising everything easily.

Being a student, I also have experienced such situation several times. I could not remember all information in the exam hall. I was very depressed and I used to ask many people about this for getting some effective solutions. One day, my math teachersuggested me some tips after knowing my problem. He spent many times with me and told me how to solve this problem. This was a serious concern to me because if I cannot remember my subject I cannot get good marks. As a result, I cannot make a bright future.

I know that this is a common trouble that all students face. So, I want to share those effective tips to you. This is my belief that you will be able to improve your memory. My suggestions are mentioned below:

Proper organization:

Before knowing the process of remembering valuable information easily, you have to know some basic things that will help you to memorise your subject. Disorganization creates problem to remember your subject. You should organize your all notes. You should not keep all notes together. Another thing is disorganized room. A dirty or disorganized room creates problem to concentrate on the studies and students cannot remember their topic properly. You should tidy your room.

After knowing this, I always try to keep my room clean and keep all things in an organized way. My mother also helps me in this purpose. It helps me to keep my fresh and to concentrate on my studies.


This is a simple process that everyone can try for memorising any difficult name or information. Many students do it and they get effective results. In this process, you have to take the first letter of the difficult word and you have to convert it into a memorable name that you can remember easily. For example, if you want to remember the colours name of the rainbow, you can remember “Roy G. Biv”. This is the indication of red, orange, etc. So, now this is not a difficult thing to remember any critical information or name.

In this simple way, I have remembered many things. I have noticed that it helps to recall any complicated information even in the exam hall. You will get more information about the tricks of memorising topic if they search matter like some tricks to memorize studies faster.

The concept of mind palace:

The concept of mind palace is an amazing thing that helps students to increase the ability to memorise essential information. Mind palace is used to recall lots of information. It expands the space of the memory. This is a smart trick for recalling information. It has been used by the Roman and ancient Greek rulers to memorise their speeches.

This concept works in the following ways:

  • You have to visualize a building or any place. Now, you have to add some images to the visualized buildings.
  • You can make some visual links of tables or chairs in that room with your lessons that you have revised recently. At the time of remembering any information, you have to connect them with that furniture presented in the room.
  • When students have to remember their revised topic for writing them in the paper, they need to visualise that room and furniture in the same way they have learnt them. It is the easy and simple way to remember information and this is called mind palace. In this way, students can increase their capacity to recall more information in their mind.
  • At the time of increasing more information, they have to visualise another new room and have to link all information with the furniture.

I have used this trick and you will not believe that I can remember more difficult things very easily. Now, I have overcome the problem of forgetting things in the exam hall. At the same time, I can memorise lots of information together. It is no longer a matter of tension to me.

Read all information in a musical way:

There are things that students face problem to remember such as the name of the emperor or any year. In this situation, a simple process is to make a song with the information. You can put a tune. It will be more interesting and you can remember the information very easily. Many of my friends who have aninterest in the music follow this trick. They have told me that it helps them and they get agood result.

Photographic memory:

There are many students who have the quality to remember any photograph very easily. If you are among them, you can use this quality. If you do not have a photographic memory, you can also follow this trick. Here, you have to arrange your important notes in the pictorial fashion. You can make any kind of diagram. Our minds easily remember any picture or image so after making any image, a student can memorise that very quickly. My teacher always suggests me to arrange my notes in the pictorial fashion.

Make a story:

There are many students who like to read stories. They can get an effective result if they follow this tip. Here, students have to make a story with the information. So, when they have to remember that information they can think about the story. You will be able to remember all information with the story. This method is also very helpful.

All these tricks are very effective for all students and for remembering all notes. Before the exam, students can follow these tips. I have improved a lot after maintaining these suggestions.