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What is Sole Source Justification?

This is also known as No bid contract where:

  • Only one person or company can provide the contract required services.
  • There is no intrusion of other company.
  • It includes only one firm.

What are the reasons behind Sole Source Justification contract?

There are various reasons why this kind of contract is signed. Some in US include the basic and major reasons. They are as below:

  • Public Interest.
  • It’s an international agreement.
  • Experts services are possible.
  • Gives reliability to industrial mobilization.
  • National security is guaranteed.
  • This kind of law is authorized by law.
  • Urgency is met by this contract.
  • Unusual situations can be handled anyhow and anytime.

While providing these, the only thing to keep in mind is that any attempt to obtain bids in the certain fields would only result in one person or company bidding on the same.

Purpose of No bid contract:

The main purpose of no bid contract is to avoid any kind of debarment from the approved bidders list who has failed to respond.

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