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Sniffer: a transceiver

A sniffer device is used to detect the presence and usage of mobile phones within a specific area. It is smaller in size and handy.It has a frequency that is different from the one generally used.

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Other points about sniffer device:

A sniffer continuously monitors the level of Radio Frequency (RF) and indicates as it increases due to mobile activity. The electronic circuit of the device can detect a mobile phone within the range of 8 meters or sometimes more. There’s a lot about sniffer that students can learn in our sniffer mobile phones assignment help.

Purposes of using sniffer:

Sniffer can be used for various reasons. The major purpose of using a sniffer is to detect a lost mobile phone. As it detects its existence, this transceiver is used in areas where usages of mobile phones are restricted like examination halls, meeting rooms, private rooms, etc. The electronic circuit can detect network functioning like SMS, MMS, incoming and outgoing calls even if the phone is in a silent mode.

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Use of tracking software:

Software has a very important role in tracking a mobile phone using the IMEI number.This is a 15-digit unique number that is embedded in the chip of every mobile device. The software receives input of the number and after an output, tracks location of the device. So, once the sniffer increases its frequency, it will get connected to that device with the particular IMEI number.

Elements in a detector:

  • Capacitors
  • Transistor
  • Resistor
  • Areal
  • IC TL071
  • Potential meters
  • Loudspeaker
  • IC LA4440
  • Diodes

All these components have specific ranges to function properly. A good project paper should have anin-depth study with specifications. With our sniffer mobile phones assignment help, you will get all these points included with diagrams and graphical representations.

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